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Ask Us about Smartphone App Development

In our software development company, we take the client’s idea and turn it into a top-quality mobile application for your business.

We have worked with a large number of clients from different countries and industries, and collected the professional IT expert team.

Mobile expertise

Our app development firm has deep knowledge and experience in software building and we are ready to provide the products which satisfy requirements of your business, whether you are a large enterprise or a start-up company. Our qualified developers of smartphone apps cooperate with the client to create outstanding mobile software which addresses users and bring value to the enterprise. Our profound understanding of web and mobile technologies allows us to create high-quality products which stand out of the competition.

  • IOS App Development. Creation of applications for iOS-based devices is a complex work of IT specialists for sales increase at the expense of solvent audience of the App Store service. Mobile applications of our clients are extremely popular among iPhone and iPad users. Read more here
  • Android applications. Android software development is a process of competitor analysis of Google Play, preparation of prototypes, mobile design and program code writing, testing, and launch of a product.
  • Web app development. Professional web development for smartphones is a business optimization of any level of complexity. Creation of portals, online stores, electronic showrooms and other information resources on the Internet with online payments via the mobile device.
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Why Is It Crucial to Have a Smartphone app?

The ultimate goal of app development is creation of the positive image, increase of business profit due to popularity of the software on the Internet and such benefits as:

  • Loyalty increase
  • Efficiency growth
  • Work optimization
  • Involvement of new customers
  • Automation of business processes
  • Upgrade of management system

Smartphone app development: things you should know about the process

As the time-proved experts in the digital area who have already delivered hundreds of smartphone and tablet solutions, we would like to share with you some main things which you should know before to launch your product of smartphone development. Everything starts from the simple idea. But to realize this idea, you should pass through many problems.

Be ready

As we have already told, every development process starts from a brilliant idea. But once eureka moment is over, it is time to think hard to make the right decision. You should be ready that it is a real problem to create a digital solution, which is intuitive and attractive for users. Moreover, it should provide positive experience of the wide audience of smartphone users. To be selected, your program should come up to the multifunction, effective and high-quality applications available in the digital market, but, at the same time, offer something unique.

Whether it is simple to develop an app?

Software development process includes many stages from planning to design of screens and optimization of user interfaces. Taking each step, you should be eager for simplicity, turning off unessential functions and maintenance. Weeks can be required to develop a simple icon, but if you do that qualitative job, your efforts and investments will pay off. Thus, if after all you still want to enter the amazing world of software development, here are some things which you should know.

Coding skills

You should have at least one person on your team who is proficient in IT area. Software development is a difficult process which requires a large amount of skills and knowledge of different programming languages, structures, design tools and other technologies. Of course, you can study coding bases, but it will take time. A smartphone app is a combination of many compounds, and you should make sure that each component works perfectly and connects to another. Graphics is another important aspect, so you also need an expert designer in your team, and also someone who can create different sounds in tunes if you want to create a game. Also keep in mind that it is important not only to be aware of technologies but also to be creative. Both qualities are essential if you want that your product becomes popular.

Platform to choose

One of the first questions which can arise when you begin to project the mobile software is what mobile platform to choose. As professional developers with vast experience, we would recommend you to start with iOS development because this smartphone operating system is more stable and safe, supporting only two devices - iPhone and iPad - instead of hundreds, as in the case of Android. Building your program for iOS, you can check that everything works well with the help of a single device and then when you stop polishing the app for iOS, you can proceed to Android development.

What features a mobile solution should have?

It depends on the type of the software you want to create: user logins, push notifications, games, tools of electronic commerce, integration of payment service providers, functional means of social communication, tools for productivity increase, etc. The majority of applications is integrated now with channels of social communication which allows to share messages and to send them to friends, therefore, don't forget to include this function in the specification of the software.


What is the most difficult part of development?

We posed this question to our developers, and they consider that the mistake of the beginner developers is the lack of attention to the project of the user interface and inadequate quality control procedures. Recently in our development company, we redesigned several programs both for Android and iOS, and we note that the number of users and the time spent in the program began to grow. So that to force the clients to use your app, make sure that it is attractive and good-looking, working properly and stable within the peak traffic pressure.

Never stop upgrading

You should be ready that the app come into the market, there is still a lot of work to do. It is time to see what users like and what turn them off, using analytical tools, to improve the functionality of the app in order not to lag behind recent trends and to correct errors and insignificant bugs which can accidentally appear. We would recommend you to regularly review software stores to look at the most popular applications of your category and your competitors. Do everything possible to reach the peak. Tendencies change all the time, for example, when iOS was released for the first time, there was a trend to original graphics. Now it is minimalism that is on the charts. So be ready to keep pace.


Application testing

Testing is one of the one most critical stages of smartphone app development which should not be ignored. Before to launch your product and test it with real users, you should carry out strict tests, using simulators - tools which allow you to check software on different smartphone devices without physical access. Here are the most popular simulators for various mobile operating systems which you can use to check your app:

  • The Android SDK simulator - the official simulator of Android platform reflecting all the features and the hardware of devices (except for phone calls).
  • Google Android simulator - You can set this simulator as the simple desktop application, without loading complete Android SDK which can take a lot of time and memory space. This simulator is used for Android applications.
  • MobiOne is an integrated network design environment of Windows smartphones which allows you to program, test, realize and install applications on the devices working on different platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and others.
  • iPhoney - the simulator of the web browser environment simulator operating with Safari. It is useful if you develop the website and need to check how it looks and feels like on iPhone. It is not the iPhone simulator, but still a useful tool for experts in web development who want to check sites on a smartphone. It supports the latest iOS versions.
  • TestiPhone is another web browser simulator for iPhone smartphone web apps. Tools work with IE, Firefox and Safari browsers.
  • Windows UI Automation - if you want to test apps which use Microsoft UI Automation technology, you should make sure that you have Windows Automation API 3.0 on your computer. It is set beforehand on Windows 7 and later versions of the system. If you use other systems, it is possible to download it from the Microsoft’s official site.
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Mistakes to Avoid

One common mistake many entrepreneurs often make because of the lack of experience in app development is investing a lot of money in the top-notch solutions with a large number of remarkable functions which nobody needs. It is always the best practice to begin from MVP ( minimum viable product) and then to expand functionality according to your business requirements and changings of the business environment. With MVP you will be able to see whether your product answers the purposes and whether your clients are ready to pay for it, and also to receive feedbacks and to determine which direction to follow.

Pay attention to details

And the last, but not the least thing to avoid when planning an app. Undoubtedly applications make life easier, allowing us to create lists of purchases afoot, add events to a calendar, watch movies when taking a bus to work or chat with friends. But still, there are many things about smartphone programs which irritate us, sometimes enforcing us to delete certain apps. Our experts thought up the list of the most popular user claims to smartphone software:

  • Too many e-mails
  • Persuasive notifications on pressing
  • When the software is not updated, and errors remain unfixed
  • Frequent requests to estimate the application
  • Obligatory Facebook authorization when it is not necessary for functionality
  • Full-screen announcements
  • Not optimized content, especially texts

For about 10 years our digital agency has delivered hundreds of successful projects for worldwide acknowledged brands and startups of various industries around the world. We are not afraid of any challenges.

Why iOS is excellent for beginners

Our experts believe that iOS is an excellent choice for amateur developers. It has an easy interface which won't be difficult to be understood for the new designer. The fact that iOS controls only two Apple devices - iPhone and iPad - is another advantage of this operating system. Apple provides to developers the intuitive, integrated environment which allows you to implement the elements you want. Usability of iOS development tools is the principal reason why almost all apps at first are launched on iOS, and only then are built for Android and other platforms.