Since 2010, our team has been providing custom software solutions helping people to realize their great ideas and assisting them in their app development and maintenance needs. We started in a garage with a small group of IT enthusiasts. Today we are 100+ employees strong and keep growing recruiting talented and skilled developers. Our team includes web, mobile, QA, design and business analytics departments ensuring end-to-end development and a full range of services. We have grown because of our word-of-mouth advertising by our satisfied clientele from all over the globe.

What makes us different

  • It is essential for us to get a profound understanding of your project requirements so that you could be confident that we deliver nothing else but what you need and expect to get.
  • We value your time and care about project budget. Our respect to your hard-earned money reflects in our willing to help you make a cost-effective investment, minimize the development costs and streamline time to market with no prejudice to the quality.
  • Our IT specialists are always open for conversation and discussion being ready to answer your question and resolve any concerns. Communication plays a huge part in joint projects development, and we can boast unrivalled communicative skills.
  • We don’t leave you after launch. We care about your project success and are always ready to offer you post-launch technical support.
  • We write well-documented and readable code which is easy-to-work with later when you will need to update your program. We also ensure scalable architecture enabling you to adapt your program in the future, meeting business evolving needs.