Creating iPad Apps: Where to Start

Apple makes it easier for beginners to get started with application development. Thanks to the company's Xcode 8 development environment, the Swift programming language, now it is a good time for creating iPad apps and other programs for iPhone and even Apple Watch games.

How to Start Application Development

The following steps allow you to start creating apps from scratch. You may use an online builder to try iPad app development on your own or find expert developers, but first things come first.

Sign up with Apple Developer Account

The first thing you need to do when creating any product for iPad or iPhone is access the Apple Developer Account, click Member Center and sign up. Register as an Apple developer to access the support materials and allow you to sign up for iOS devices with Apple so they can run your test application.

You can enter your Apple ID (recommended if you are a single programmer), or create an Apple ID for the developer account only (if you are creating for a company, it is recommended).

You won't have to pay Apple to register as a programmer. You can sign up for and access all developer tools for the current iOS retail. The basic registration is to develop and test iPad and iPhone apps, but if you want to sell an app, you'll need to sign up for Apple to qualify for the association .

The Apple Developer's Association also allows you to access beta software such as Xcode 8 and iOS 10.


Make a Plan before Creating an iPad App

If you don’t have enough programming skills, you can hire a developer for creating your app.

Hiring a professional developer to build an application can be expensive (the price usually starts around £ 20,000). But if you have a project that is intended to bring a considerable business advantage, the investment in a professional iPad app development team will pay off.

We are a team of experienced Apple developers creating iPad and iPhone apps for more than eight years. We are ready to consult you on any software design and development issue and help you bring your project to life regardless of its complexity. Get in touch today and become one step closer to your business success.

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Make a plan before creating an iPad App

Planning an app is very important before delving into any development. While there is no fixed way for creating a plan of your iPad app, you should write the following:

  • Objective. What is the final design of the app? Keep it simple and as close as possible, the camera app takes photos, allows simple editing and shares them. The music iPad app plays songs from iTunes Match (or syncs with iTunes). Write down the functionality of the application in a single sentence.
  • Scope. Concorde with all the features that the iPad app will contain. Feel free to pay attention to functional fluency (suggest lots of new ideas). Determine which features and resources already exist before you start creating.
  • Theme and strategy. What is the theme and strategy of the app? Is it a friendly iPad game or a clear and efficient business tool? Identify your marketing strategy and make sure that the app style matches your strategy in advance.
  • Describe the interface. You need to draw a sketch of each view and create the interaction of each button.
  • Collect assets. Apple offers a large number of buttons and inventory icons (you should use these buttons and icons), but you need logos, graphics, and audio features.
  • Think about the technology you need. Can you rest on Xcode and the App Store? Or does the app require servers and other technologies? You need to think about it first.