Design Apps for iPhone and iPad with our Development Company.

My company specializes in designing iPhone applications to build solid experience for your users and grow brand recognition.

We produce apps that are an efficient business needs tool that proactively promotes and has high business impact.

Our service

We offer a wide range of services for mobile development for iPhone and iPad - document preparation, software programming, prototype creation, interface design, testing and promotion of apps in the App Store.

We put great emphasis on problem determination and can create long-term projects with simple applications and complex functions. We developed a turnkey iPhone software developed and distributed from the visual prototype to the backend. We create native programs that work on the most popular platforms, but we can also do it cross-platform if software capabilities allow it, while reducing development costs for multiple platforms.

Design team and working methods

All development for iPhone and iPad is done by creative mobile interior designers and supported by professional managers and marketers. We provide high quality results and flexible cost policies. Before we begin, we help customers answer the central question: what is the software's primary mission? It is important to remember - mobile applications should always address the specific goals or have a strong motivational component. Only in this case is the investment justified. Our experts will help you find the best solution for any business task.

Flexible prices

The development costs for iPhone and iPad depend on the complexity of the project: architecture, design, and app functionality. Our goal is to calculate development costs in detail, exclude any additional "insurance" budgets, and offer our customers fair prices. When estimating project costs, consider all stages of development: design, prototyping, development (coding), QA (quality assurance and testing) until the app is launched in the app store.

  • Design interfaces

Great user interface with convenient navigation for all iPhone users almost half of its success in mobile app development.

  • Needs Analysis

Our team will conduct a careful review of existing Apple App Store iPhone applications in order to make the most of future products and avoid their major issues. This phase of software prototyping is required.

  • Functions to determine

iPhone applications should solve one or another problem. Excessive, obscure or inadequate operation leads to considerable difficulties in the implementation phase. Most of these challenges can be avoided during the design phase.

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User Stories

User Stories are created to reveal the goals that app users must achieve on each screen. Our designers define when the software will be used and how to make it easier to use it.

Navigation Development

When designing intuitive navigation on iPhone, it is important to create a clear structure. Where's the button? Are there steps that can be approved? The most important thing is to use the navigation element that best suits your product structure.

Screen Design

Design and navigation are closely related. It determines how the element should be on the iPhone screen, how to facilitate the button, the screen to provide information and user behavior of course. iPhone app development includes navigation and functional planning. After that, you can start creating an interface prototype for the main development phase.

Design and Development

When we finish the prototype, we can start the development. Our creator knows exactly how to make it easy, functional and attractive at the same time. One of the last stages of development is to polish all the elements and add luster. Here you can unleash creativity and create extraordinary designs, as this app will be recognized in stores.


We tested the usability of the design to make the product more reasonable, convenient and simple. Good applications unknowingly help users solve problems, it is necessary to develop mechanisms to hide the help.

Images from the App Store

Since customer attention is often drawn to something bright, unusual and enjoyable, designing an app page view is crucial for being quickly recognized in the Apple Store. Our creators are well aware of the latest trends in the digital marketplace and have created clear icons and screenshots to make their software meaningful in stores.

Why do you need an app?

IPhone software is an effective marketing tool for existing or potential customers who research and make payments using all the possibilities of the iOS platform, reserve hotel rooms or tables in restaurants and receive news or news about innovations or discounts at their favorite stores.

  • If you want to reach the mass audience of mobile devices, mobile applications are the best way to get into this digital marketplace.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions enable employees to solve production problems 24 hours a day, even away from the office, on their smartphones or tablets.
  • By integrating mobility and offering employees an iOS platform, you can get additional benefits in front of your competitors.

Mobile app or site

Some companies have the financial capacity to have one app and one mobile site, while others have to choose only one of these two options to create. To make the right choice, the company is typically managed in such areas as cost, functionality, availability, and target audience. Statistics show that iPhone users prefer mobile applications. So this is a good reason to build mobile software - to reach new customers and keep existing customers.

Design possibilities

Native programs have many useful options that provide a better user experience and make the software interactive with the visual. Gestures and gestures including sliding, tilting, sliding, dragging, tilting and more are so natural and convenient to feel, while mobile websites rely heavily on buttons. In addition, sites rely primarily on browsers to perform functions, and the use of mobile devices is not always convenient. We know how to develop iPhone software to lure users and get the full benefits of iOS applications.

Mobile applications give users a new, positive experience. There is a great opportunity to create a new brand, another way to present your business or enhance an existing brand to make it more attractive and up-to-date. Many companies prefer to change the brand when designing applications for the iPhone because it offers a perfect opportunity to better express their identity. In addition, there are many customization opportunities for mobile decisions - users can adapt to their liking. This makes each user feel special.


Email marketing is considered the most common way to communicate with customers in the modern digital world. But many companies often abuse the way they send e-mail by sending dozens of emails to customers. As a result, email has lost its efficiency and is no longer the most useful marketing tool. Mobile design can make a big push to provide notifications to connect with your audience. Within its layout are two main types of notifications - push and in-app.

  • "Push" and "In-App"

IPhone applications offer the ability to send instant and non-intrusive notifications to facilitate business and transfer information directly to customers. Shipping Notification. The main difference between push notifications is that they can be sent to users at any time. In-app notifications. Users receive notifications in the app only if they use the app. So if you choose to send notifications, please contact the user, even if they completely forget that there is an app on your smartphone.

Notify event

Any marketing campaign must be completely planned and notification activities are no exception. Some experience in designing and understanding key marketing principles is necessary, since reporting activities have many drawbacks and limitations. You can also use third-party services to start your campaign. Our experts have extensive promotion experience to help you plan and launch your event in the best possible way.

  • Extra Chance

iPhone applications offer endless personalization opportunities You can communicate with your customers based on your location, interests, online habits and more. Well-made mobile software offers a great personalized user experience. It allows you to set preferences and get personalized content. Another considerable advantage of the app is that it can be analyzed using special options - tracking users' engagement and interaction, giving them personal advice and optimizing software based on that data.

Customize the content

In addition, GPS technology allows iPhone applications to identify the user's location and provide specific content. This customization can not only create a positive user experience but also improve conversion rates. Statistics show that personalized offerings encourage customers to contact you and make purchases.

We know how to design apps for iPhone

We've created software for the most popular gadgets of iOS platform to capture the targeted audience: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. Do you have an idea of ​​software development? Our designers will provide the most valuable app design concept for the iPhone or any other mobile device. Show us your thoughts and we'll find the best way to turn it into life.