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Our development company, comprised of goal-oriented and professional employees, has extensive IT experience in developing iOS apps and software for other popular platforms. Let's develop a mobile application for you that meets the needs of the most demanding consumers.

The unique design and well-designed ergonomics of the apps enable our clients to get a complete access to business processes from their mobile devices and help businesses attract new customers and improve service levels.

Why iOS

Like other Apple products, iOS reflects the company's philosophy. Powerful and useful Swift language, many tutorials - everything that facilitates development:

  • Correct tool set. XCode, Instruments, iPhone Simulator is a useful tool for developing and debugging applications.
  • Programming language Swift code is a convenient language from the point of view of developers and qualified professionals. For example, it allows the use of many functional programming elements.
  • Architecture. Both are provided by Apple and by third parties, such as Facebook.
  • Quality of the document. The annual WWDC Development Video contains a wealth of useful information.
  • Community of developers. It is composed of friendly people who are often willing to help and provide documentation on development.
  • If you ask a professional developer which platform he is willing to develop software for, his answer is iOS.

Apple Operating System Benefits

If you need to optimize the working processes but have no in-house resources or your team of programmers has a lot of everyday duties and can not cope with new tasks of business environment, you should better focus on the core activities and let our outsourcing company find the best IT solution for your enterprise.

  • Less work time. The development experience of both platforms confirms that Android needs more time to build software with good operations and features. Although the overall creation process is the same, the differences in working hours seem quite broad. Many Android-based devices have technical issues, such as different working resolutions or screen sizes, so developers often need to optimize applications for each model separately: quality assurance and multiple debugging tests. In terms of working hours, iOS product developing is 28% lower than Android's development.
  • Reduce maintenance costs. Ongoing support is an integral part of building iOS and Android applications. However, due to common standards for all devices, Apple has helped reduce maintenance costs. There is no need to consider the personal characteristics of different brand owners, and they have the power to independently boost the capabilities of smartphones, resulting in unpredictable behaviors of various types of software.
  • Positive image. The IOS platform has earned a reputation as a secure and stable operating system that offers high functionality and availability. Companies that need a flawless, sustainable operating system are more willing to equip their employees with Apple hardware.

Possible faults

Like any other platform, iOS has little pitfalls that you should be aware of. First, the AppleStore requires a very cautious review, often requiring more time to launch new software than Google Play, especially if an app has a complex set of features and options. In addition, due to the high security of the user data, it is impossible to achieve some functions. However, these small difficulties did not reduce the above advantages.

Self-Developed iOS Software

If you have ever had experience of developing an app, or some programming skills, you can make your ideas come true without a trivial outside help. In this case, you should have enough time and patience and ready for a long development process.

Definition Purpose

Before you start developing the software, you need to determine the objectives of the project. Providing these uses early in the project is an important parameter that helps respond if development is moving in the right direction.

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What is your expectation?

The most common question for those who have an idea for an app for iPhone or iPad is: "How software can improve my business and increase the return on investment" is difficult to give a definitive answer. It depends on the purpose of the app you need and the source for which you are prepared to participate. The following parameters are unique for each app:

  • Possible use
  • Create costs
  • Popularity
  • The person responsible for managing your success

All of these factors affect the financial success and productivity of your app. Plan your expectations about this knowledge.

What's the beginning?

The competition in the App Store is fierce and there are dozens of high quality shows every day. To achieve maximum success in a highly competitive App Store environment, your ideas must be weighty and formulated.

Estimate your idea

It is not an easy task to estimate that you are not a specialist. Therefore, it is better to rely on those who have good qualification:

  • Marketing Professionals

For example, our experts have experience in how our customers are successfully applied in the App Store and whether the promotions are the best.

  • iPhone developer

You can write to our development company or try consulting an independent developer. Many of them are interested in communicating with the community, and most of you will be happy to analyze your thoughts if you advise them.

Evaluation for you?

When you receive an expert opinion on this idea, you will learn the following:

  • If your product will have fierce competition
  • The idea has technical limitations

How to apply a step-by-step approach to the development process:

  • increase or not sales through any method to improve the idea

Considering the cost of creation, is this idea profitable?

  • This idea is suitable for use on mobile devices
  • Whether your target audience can provide the necessary reward


Many novice developers think they should only release the final version of the product. But it takes a lot of time and market conditions can change a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to consider MVP - the most viable product possible. For the first MVP, just choose the most important assumptions and make a cheaper experiment.

You'll receive valuable feedback and you'll be able to find the most visible market.

Register a developer account

Even if you request third-party programming, you will also do business on the App Store. You can sign up for an iOS Development Center account. It costs $ 99 a year. In addition, you must provide your bank account details. Prepare this information before registering.


Draw an outline of your app

If you already have an idea, you are likely to see the app's appearance. Sketching an interface is not the responsibility of an artist or designer, so start moving your ideas to the role. The main objectives of your project include the basic representations of the following steps for the project. If you plan to outsource most of your outsourcing work to designers and developers, you can show them sketches to receive a pricing review.

If you are an Objective-C or Cocoa developer, open Xcode and start writing your future applications.

Marketing and Promotion

Applications can be entered in the App Store, but at the same time they will not be noticed. You need to do a promotion strategy, and if you have some strategies, that's better. Be prepared to experiment, some ideas may work, others may not work.


Developing Top Programs on iOS

To develop applications, you need to learn the app code, familiar with the iOS platform development tools.

The main difference of developing for Apple is that it intends to protect the security of users. If the app contradicts the principles of the company, the app can not be started. That is why you know what you can or can not do. If you do not want to use the app on the emulator, but instead use the app on your device, you must be an iOS developer for $ 99 per year. This is not required, but you should do this if you want to publish the app to the Apple Store. Without the specific skills and tools to develop iOS applications, developers will not be able to manage these app packages.

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Xcode, Apple's IDE, a free graphical interface for developing applications

It acts as an automated carrier. You can find errors in your code before you implement it and use some debugging and performance tools.

Swift, the programming language of Apple

Compared to Objective-C, Swift proposed in 2014 is not so complicated and greatly simplifies the programming process. It is actively used by developers all over the world.


It is used to develop native iOS applications and represent software development kits for software distribution, pricing and sales of 70% through the App Store. If your app is available for publication, the only cost you have to pay is the membership fee. The SDK also provides a program to simulate the iPhone's function and view it on the desktop.

Developing an iOS app is not a simple task for a person. This complex journey requires a team of programmers, designers, marketers and project managers to get the best results.

If you want to avoid the risks, save your time, support and quality assurance, address to our app development company!

Cooperation with our firm

Our programmers have extensive experience in developing software to develop sophisticated applications of any complexity. Our high-performance, easy-to-use products help your business increase productivity and revenue, engage new customers, streamline workflows, and capitalize on all the digital possibilities your applications deliver.

As a leading iOS app development specialist, we keep the latest trends and develop great applications for all your business needs. We already have clients from all fields and we are ready to face new challenges. If you have an idea, please contact us for free consultation and additional success.