Case Studies

Our portfolio demonstrate the number of industries and variety of projects we delivered. Have a look at our recent development cases which helped our customers to succeed.



Analytic software

Our customer came to us to create a piece of software that will be able to collect process data at local sites and transfer it to a multitenant cloud database. Users can easily access the collected data thanks from charting tools and spreadsheets thanks to integrated APIs. Besides, users can allow third-party programs to access their data and analyse it via available cloud-based tools. All in all, the system collects data from numerous sources presenting its dynamic in charts and graphics.



SaaS solution

A web application was designed to provide statistics and analytical information about user’s emails accounts. The program tracks the number of required metrics related to user’s account activity and creates personalized reports based on users requirements. Among the program functionality, there are opportunities to get a total amount of received emails, open rate, total conversions, top senders and recipients, hourly/daily/weekly traffic, most active emails and many others.




We were asked to build a web system and mobile application which together compose a delivery management software connecting couriers, operators and customers. The system enables customers to post orders on the website which are transferred to the couriers’ mobile client. Mobile application enables couriers to work more efficiently adjusting their orders preferences on the go considering their location. Besides, we also integrated e-signature functionality reducing paperwork.


RE agent

Real Estate

We were asked to create a simple solution that would help to eliminate the hassle in work of real estate agents. We should have considered such aspects of their work as continuous clients meeting and houses showing, search for leads and appraisals carrying out. We created a custom referral system that helps to conquer the chaos simplifying day-to-day tasks. We also integrated mapping functionality which enables to see clients’ and houses’ locations.


MRO baseline


Automobile supplier approached us to reduce maintenance, repair, and operations cost of the baseline. Our inventory optimization project required a new global classification structure of materials eliminating duplicates and introduction of optimization parameters and controls. We improved MRO parts life cycle management experience providing greater control over them with refined classification and new optimization parameters, enabling recurring inventory savings.




A pharmaceutical company was looking for a new way of creating, packaging and delivering their products to a global customer base. We carefully investigated customer’s challenges related to the product lifecycle management and introduced a robust software solution which drives efficiency and innovation in product development with the help of automated product specification management and faster transfer of these specifications and replaced PLM solution for a more stable and fast one.